The Smart Engine Protection Security Solution for DYNA, FLH and Softail Harley Davidson Oil Tanks

A stylish motorcycle accessory at an affordable price.

Locks your engine down, deters vandalism, averts oil cap pop-offs, removes oil runs and blocks road grime from

damaging your Harley Davidson engine.


1 SecureCap  Saves 1 Engine

The SecureCaps Locking Oil Tank Dipstick is the best chrome oil filler cap motorcycle accessory on the market. Its modern design is enhanced with smart security technology that protects your Harley Davidson engine.


Sleek, Stealthy Design

Designed by lifelong riders and gear heads, SecureCaps are a significant upgrade from the flimsy factory-made oil tank caps constructed of metal and plastic.  Available in your choice of triple-plated chrome or high-gloss wet black, the rotating lid conceals an innovative multi-combination locking mechanism that protects your engine from tampering and oil leaks.

Our precision-machined locking dipsticks fit just like the OEM products but provide a better grip and easily pop into place without the use of your existing OEM parts.


The stock spring-loaded oil caps on Harleys are not strong enough to protect your engine. These cheap parts are known for wobbling loose and popping up or off while you are riding down the road.

SecureCaps clinch the cap in place, preventing messy spray outs and unnecessary engine repairs. Fitted with silicone and fluorocarbon O-rings, SecureCaps are built to withstand the heavy heat Harley engines produce even if you have made powerful torque and horsepower upgrades.

You can easily remove a SecureCap even when the engine is hot without getting burned, making this a necessary item for long road trips, everyday riding or racing.

Protect Your Harley Engine

Everyone knows the way to ruin a Harley-Davidson engine is through the oil tank filler cap or transfer case.

             Starts Here

               To A Mess

        Don’t Take Chances

        You Can Prevent This

        To Locking It Down

The oil system is the lifeblood of your Harley engine

Just like a locking gas cap protects the gas tank, a locking oil cap guards and protects your Harley’s engine or harmful substances from entering the oil tank and cycling through the engine clogging up the oil pump or ruining your motor.

SecureCaps were designed to protect your unprotected engines oil tank or transfer case

For just $99, you can keep your bike from being cooped up in the shop where you are likely to drop at least $1500.00 bucks.

After dropping thousands of dollars into your engine believe me $99 bucks is smart engine protection.

Be proactive about protecting your Harley with this cost-effective solution that puts your bike where it is meant to be— on the road.

Dynamically Cool Dipsticks

SecureCaps are more than just an aftermarket anti-theft device. Unlike the original part, our dipsticks connect directly to the cap, so you no longer have to blindly swirl your fingers in oil until you find the lost line.

Available in day glow green for DYNA models, hot rod yellow for FLH bikes or cherry red for SOFTAIL Harleys, these vibrant colors create a great contrast against the amber-hued oil.

You will be able to determine the exact oil level whether you are standing in the dazzling sunlight or under a starry sky.


Proudly made in the USA, SecureCaps ship around the world!

Contact our custom Harley accessory shop in Orange, California, at (949) 441-0438 to order a locking oil cap dipstick for your Softail, FLH or DYNA Harley Davidson motorcycle.

SecureCaps is also proud to introduce our customized 

Anti-Lock Cruise Control Throttler.

With just a push of a button, you can set the speed of your bike by simply rolling the grip up or down. Opt for sleek triple plated chrome or our signature glossy wet black.

When you overnight your original grip to us, we will overnight it back to you on the same day!


SecureCaps for Commercial Retailers

From volume discount pricing to a tiered sales program to cash on delivery ordering options, we work with independent retailers to get SecureCaps into the hands of your customers. Contact our sales department at (949) 441-0438 to find out just how easy it is to put locking oil caps on your store shelves.