Locking oil tank dipsticks by SecureCap for Harley-Davidson softail, flh, dyna engine protection

Best chrome oil filler cap motorcycle accessory on the market

1 SecureCap  Saves 1 Engine

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Everyone knows the way to ruin a Harley-Davidson engine is through the oil tank filler cap or transfer case

This is why SecureCap engine protection is so valuable, safe, locks the oil tank cap down, comes in triple plated chromes and they are easy to read dipsticks for Softail, Flh, Dyna models

Clean Engine Protection

# 4  To Lock It Down!!!

With its high gloss wet black to its triple plated chromes SecureCap dipsticks handle road grime to cleaning and waxing while complimenting the Harleys engine

This motorcycle accessory filler caps high quality design is stealth like, has a sleek looking rotating lid that conceals the lock while adding value and peace of mind to the rider whether on the road or in a parking lot

For $99 bucks its the best widget around

Don’t let this happen!

The O.E.M. oil caps are known for wobbles, leaks, popping out, hard to read and most of all they don’t protect your engine.  All this results to unwanted down time whether it be always cleaning your engine again, buying the same failed part again or experiencing engine failure.

Be safe with SecureCap as it brings value and quality to your Harley

SecureCap locking oil tank caps are attached to the chrome cap and is day glow green, yellow or red making it easy to read your dipstick in any light.

Handles road grime, comes with multi combination locks, a rotating lid for a clean stealth like appearance, with silicone and carbon o-rings designed to withstand  heat for Harley engines or petroleum’s for the right application

Remember 1 SecureCap Saves 1 Engine

Provide proactive engine protection since your insurance doesn’t give as much protection as you think

In every nook of the motorcycling world, riders often question the need to make their bikes more secure. From oil caps falling out or Harley engines being tampered with at rally runs or during club rides, we run into discussions about whether aftermarket anti-theft devices are really worth shelling out money for.

Many riders doubt that any accessory can deter thieves and saboteurs until they bought a locking dipstick. Besides, they reason, insurance is the only protection they really need if the bike is damaged or stolen. There are many holes in this logic, but the most concerning is that it is a reactive solution rather than a proactive approach to protecting the bikes engine that you love and labor for.

An Expensive Cost to Rely on Insurance

Lock it Down!

Be Prepared

Relying on insurance to keep your bike fully protected can be a costly mistake that we have seen too many Harley owners encounter. If you ride a Softail, FLH or Dyna Harley, then a SecureCap smart locking dipstick filler cap can save an engine, deter vandals, prevent oil seepage or pop offs and handle all the torque and horsepower

for just $99 bucks.

Contact SecureCap at (949) 441-0438 to custom order a sleek, chrome-plated oil cap lock that offers engine protection at an affordable price.

Our exciting  product offers important advantages for anyone riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle! Just consider these benefits:

  • You won’t lose track of the dipstick- it connects directly to the oil cap itself!

  • Never discover a “popped off” oil cap while on the road;

  • The cap locks securely into place with multiple combinations;

  • Prevent damage to your engine oil tank or transfer case in your absence;

  • Easily read this dipstick’s colorful display to determine engine oil levels;

  • Avoid the need to repair an unnecessarily damaged engine;

  • Its safe, triple plated with chrome, and compliments your Harley;

  • This product helps you maintain your bike in an attractive, high-powered condition!

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