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Summer time riding with winter time results.

There is nothing like riding your air cooled Harley in the morning or on a winter cold sun shinning day. The feeling of your Harley motor when its cold out and your riding hard down the highway or bookin down the street is an awesome feeling. Extra oxygen for the intake, cool air over the cylinder fins, for us riders out there you know how good you feel and you know your Harley engine loves it as much as you do because you can tell the difference in your motors performance. As summer time is now coming upon us everybody is thinking and talking about the heat issues or the temperature of their engines while riding. This is the talk that’s going on around our neck of the woods already as were all standing around having coffee etc. We and our buddies have been able to really control the amount of heat kind of sort of by just applying some basic but thought through applications.  As an example of our last issue that we addressed on a 96 being built out for about 25 more inches with a whole lot more of everything compared to just a stock or 70 horsepower motor.  As we decided to go with S&S cylinders we found that each fin on the cylinder was exactly the same on thickness all the way down with much more surface area for cooling down. Once we put a set of mics or gauge on the fins we compared that to the stock 96 Harley cylinders which were approximately 25 to 30 thousands less than that of the S&S cylinders. Oh and by the way we used a heat gun for the before and after effects on every part and application we changed or used for temperature ratings.  So after ceramic coating our exhaust flanges and the 2 into 1 pipes with the 2000 degree ceramic coating not the 1400 degree ceramic coating  we ceramic coated the complete air intake or throttle body with spacers just that alone brought serious heat numbers down by 35 degrees by the way. Were talking the cylinder temp from before and after while riding in the same temp and time on the engine etc.  Now as we started to address the external oil cooler in which on this application we went with the jags 10row with ceramic fittings and ceramic hoses we saw the numbers staying under 225 on the oil tank all the time while it being 100 degrees out with us riding on the freeway for 30 minutes and street for 15 minutes each run. We all know the engine needs to flash etc. and its an air cooled motor designed to get hot but were just not letting it get too hot. Now once you go out of the box a little you can have your softail oil tank in aluminum and finned up with some air channel holes running through while even having your tank ceramic coated on the inside for that heat barrier and you can really get a lot of surface area for allowing the heat to escape and your oil tank to stay cooler if you put some thought in to. Remember this is what the customer was bringing to us as a project and the results were awesome this is why we are passing on the info to some of you. Now we ended up doing a complete build with installing a crankcase breather for pressure while having every part ceramic coated that we touched or put on and the numbers that came in after we were all done were awesome.  This guy can ride any where all the time rippin through the desert and over the mountains  pretty much as if it were winter time now with no worries about the heat. Some of our friends couldn’t believe the drop in temperature because it was so dramatic.  Also interesting when ever we brought the bike back from a ride and would let it cool down it wouldn’t crackle and pop like the stock 96 did, The stock was always crackling or tinging while cooling down but not anymore.

So food for thought but a lot of work and time this was.

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