Securecaps Harley-Davidson Engine Protection

One of the unspoken concerns of Harley Davidson owners is how to keep their bikes safe and secure at all times because times are changing. As we look around, all we see are more cameras, door combination locks, street man holes welded down, street signs mounted differently, community or business signs have 7 layers of anti-graffiti film on them and the list goes on.

It is not always feasible to keep a bike under a watchful eye, especially when traveling to unknown locations. This is where can help. With a SecureCaps Smart easy to read locking oil tank dipsticks, Harley riders can feel safe knowing that their harley’s engine is protected from someone popping out their dipstick and putting sugar, sand, bolts,  and/or bb’s into their oil.

So often it’s a chain tensioner or some type of break down equating towing charges or down time and out of pocket cash to get your bike back on the road. Those who wish to do harm to a Harley Davidson can do so easily and quickly. The fastest way to ruin an engine is to just put something in the oil tank period. Most oil tanks have simple caps that can be removed and replaced by anyone. The owner is often unaware that the bike has been tampered with until and they start their bike and then it’s too late. Conversely, a smart locking oil tank dipstick can prevent a lot of headaches. When a would-be vandal happens upon the bike, he or she is blown away that your engine is locked down.

As a sleek, stealthy motorcycle accessory Securecaps has a very functional cool part for the motorcycle market.