The Smart Engine Protection Security Solution for FLH Harley Davidson Oil Tanks

A stylish motorcycle accessory at an affordable price.


Locks your engine down, deters vandalism, averts oil cap pop-offs, removes oil runs and blocks road grime from

damaging your Harley Davidson engine.


The FLH SecureCap Locking Oil Tank Dipstick is the best chrome oil filler cap motorcycle accessory on the market. Its modern design is enhanced with smart security technology that protects your Harley Davidson engine.

Flh Engine Protection

Triple plated chromes, Easy to read dipstick, Stealth, Locking, Multi combinations, Made in the U.S.A.

  The Flh SecureCap engine protection comes in glossy wet black or chrome,  brings safety & peace of mind.


1 SecureCap saves 1 engine


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