Getting Started from Thought to Market

Phase 1

Once we receive your file from our 3D engineer, it gets uploaded to our Secure Engineering Department. Then selection of  material for the type of mold being made, quantity to order, type of finish (polish etc.) and a brief clear description will be concluded. We will then analyze for accuracy to move into the next phase – which is quoting your molds or mold. And, that process will take between 1 to 2 days. One of our very competitive traits is that we deliver to you a copy of STL, step and a PDF file for your own records etc. Further, we do this in a timely manner to reduce as much down time as possible.

Example: We can design a part from scratch or we can design based on your drawings. If we receive them on a Monday then the design is usually complete by Friday, with 1 or 2 changes done in between. This is based on a few factors, time etc.  Our customers love this process, as it saves them much time or they get to make up for lost time or mistakes.

Phase 2

Once you are good to go and proceed in approving us to move forward, we develop a two part mold – one half with the other half. This process is delicate, as we are designing for parting lines, installing shutoffs, gates with ejector pins etc. This is why we ask for a clear description of what you are doing in order for us to minimize unnecessary down time. This is a back and forth process between us and the customer. This is a back and forth process from us to you, once completed and your content with your tolerances etc, then we sign a contract and move forward to the next phase.

Secure Production

Phase 3

This is the phase where our engineers get busy. Your mold comes alive with much intricate tooling and knowledge. Your mold comes together in this phase, with the proper tolerances for materials used in the mold – milling, finishing etc. We check for proper fitment and sealing. At this time, you may choose to have engineers polish to your liking, etc.

Phase 4

In this phase, you receive your samples.  Much is involved here with melting hot material and compressing it into a soft tool or aluminum mold.  This is a normal procedure with having the hot material flowing or shot thru the gates. While upon the mold is cooling – the ejector pins aid in the removal of the material into a catch basin, then inspected for proper tolerances. Next, upon passing, it then goes to our shipping department and samples are sent out upon finishing. When the run is complete, parts or samples are boxed and shipped shortly thereafter.

Types of Chrome we offer:

  • Hex Chrome or Black Chrome, both are Triple Plated Chrome
  • Chrome plating (commonly chromium plating), often referred to as chrome, is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal or plastic object. The chromed layer can be decorative, provide corrosion resistance, ease cleaning procedures, or increase surface hardness.
  • The process consist of an Etching, Copper, Two separate Nickels (15% & 20%) then the Chrome. Upon completion: material, composite or part is usually stronger or easier to up keep.
  • Colors can be discussed for custom applications. (We chrome just about anything!)