The Cruise Control Throttler For Harley-Davidson & Metrics

Worlds Finest Motorcycle Anti-Lock Cruise Control

Awesome Toy

This fine cruise controller is like no other

Unlike the O.E. M. thumb turn piece or the cheap gadgets on the market don’t be fooled this is a high end accessory that is worth putting in your arsenal for the rider. 

Its a must have for the everyday rider or for those going on a long ride with a push of a button you set the speed by your own grip so you can roll it up or down with ease giving your hand the rest it needs, no need for sore hands.

This is one of those cool accessories we at first don’t see a need for even though deep down inside we still want it and its not until we put it on our bike when we say wish I would have bought this along time ago literally.


Strong stainless steel high end thought through proven part comes in chrome & black, its easy to use, safe,

Made in U.S.A.

You can over night your grip to us and we will over night it back to you the next day or if your in town come by for about 45 minutes and have a cup of coffee and rap while being installed by Fred personally who designed it.

Don’ hesitate to call us for more information if needed

Thank you!

Lifetime Mechanical Warranty to Original Owner